Success Stories

Featuring Moose Cree members who have successfully completed their program and gained valuable skills and/or employment with financial assistance from MCTEU. 

I graduated from Northern College in the Business/Accounting program and with no direction on how to start a career with my education. At the time the MCTEU were offering funded trainees jobs in Finance, which was good timing. I applied and quickly was offered the trainee position. What was supposed to be a year as a trainee turned into a full-time position in six months. I am currently working as a Finance Clerk with Mushkegowuk Council, and it’s been great. I’ve been able to put my education to work and even learned more. If I had anything to tell others it would be to take any opportunity the MCTEU has to offer, it’s a pathway to the working world. I don’t know where I’d be if it wasn’t for their help.

megan trapper

finance clerk trainee

The Women in Welding (WIW) program came at a perfect time, as I was looking to move out of the electrical field into the welding trade. This program offered a small class size, hands on learning and cultural activities. MCTEU assisted with training related costs and the support worker was always available at any time of day if I had any questions. With the support of MCTEU and WIW, I was able to acquire the skills needed to attain long-term employment as a welder.

Janet Fletcher

Women In Welding Participant

Like a lot of people, I was laid off during the first wave of Covid in Canada. Being out of work for so long with limited savings inspired me to find something better. I was able to find schooling to do just that but the cost of it was well beyond my reach. MCTEU stepped in and provided funding for the courses, the materials needed, the travel, and living expenses required to achieve all of this. I am now working in the industry and making almost double the salary I was making before the covid layoff.

None of this would have been possible without their help and support. I highly recommend them and their outstanding staff behind the scenes.

James gunner

Surface & Underground Diamond Participant

I originally wanted to take a French course in order to communicate better with the people of Kapuskasing when I was working as a cashier, but that plan had changed when I was told about the Indigenous Women in Welding program. I thought to myself, “It’s something new and it’s probably time for a career change”. The Moose Cree Training and Employment Unit helped me financially especially when I had to change work placement from New Liskeard to Hearst. I had such an amazing time learning everything about welding and I hope other women will consider trying when the opportunity comes.

Jamie Wesley

Women In Welding Participant